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World’s Smallest Cider Festival – Increasing Footfall

One of the biggest problems faced by our tenants is low footfall, as Meanwhile Space tends to run projects in forgotten areas that need a bit of love. The idea is that you the tenants bring the love – but it’s not always easy. One project that managed brilliantly was Kevin Lowrie’s World’s Smallest Cider Festival.(…)

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What’s next in the Platform …

The final round of participants in the Platform Academy started their residencies in 2 Ridgway Road in January. Come along between now and May if you want to see wholefoods cooking tips, young people’s design ideas, a gallery, wellbeing workshops, beer made just around the corner, and ethically made shorts! To find out what’s on when,(…)

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Story Jam: Gathering Loughborough Junction’s Tales…

Eclective is a collaborative design group who use narrative design to create memorable experiences, urban interventions, events, and installations. The group believe that stories are what make a place special, and combine their creative skills to gather stories from local communities, local authorities and visitors to an area. In spring 2015, eclective used the Platform to gather stories in Loughborough(…)

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